Assistance at the Polls

El Paso County has made provisions to ensure voters with disabilities have the ability to cast their vote independently and in secret. Every polling location will provide an ADA compliant voting system accessible to voters with disabilities and offer an audio ballot specially for voters with vision or reading impairments.


Voters May Receive Assistance at the Polls

Tell the election official if you are a voter who needs assistance to vote, you do not have to provide proof of your disability.

Voters are entitled to receive assistance if they:

1. Cannot read or write; or
2. Have a physical disability that prevents them from reading or marking the ballot.

Voters may be assisted by:

1. Any person the voter chooses who is not an election worker;
2. Two election workers on election day; or
3. One election worker during early voting.

Voters MAY NOT be assisted by:

1. Their employer;
2. An agent of their employer; or
3. An officer or agent of the union.

It is illegal for a person assisting the voter to:

1. Try to influence the voter’s vote;
2. Mark the voter’s ballot in a way other than the way they have asked; or
3. Tell anyone how the voter voted.