Voter Registration

How do I register to vote?

To vote in Texas, you must be registered. Simply fill out a voter registration application

Texas Voter Registration Application

Solicitud de Registro Electoral en Texas

and mail it at least 30 days before the election date to the following address:

El Paso County Elections Department
500 E. San Antonio Avenue, Suite #314
El Paso, TX 79901

You may request a duplicate Voter Registration Certificate by calling the Elections Department at (915) 546-2154. Please provide your full name, address and VUID (if you have it). Your duplicate certificate will be mailed to the mailing address on your voter registration record within 30 days.

We cannot accept completed applications via email but applications can be submitted to our office by fax as long as the original application is received in our office within four calendar days of the date the fax is transmitted (SB910). Please fax your Voter Registration Certificate to (915) 546-2220.

How do I change my name and/or address?

Moved to a New Residence
It is your responsibility as a voter to inform your election official if you moved to a new residence.  If our office received returned mail from you, your name will appear on our list of suspended voters. After being on the list for two years, you will be deleted. If you have moved or changed your mailing address, please choose from the following options to correct your information:

Online Name and Address Change
This service is offered to registered Texas voters who need to submit a name and/or address change. You may use this service only if your new address is in the same county in which you are currently registered. If you proceed through this service and enter an address outside of the county in which you are currently registered, your voter registration will become invalid and you will not be able to vote.

Secretary of State-Voter Name & Address Changes

In Person
Our office is located at 500 E. San Antonio Avenue, Suite #314, El Paso, Texas 79901, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

By Mail Using Old Certificate
On the backside of your old certificate, sign your name and list your new address in the two blank spaces provided. Please be aware that all certificates are not pre-paid for you to mail back to us, if changes are made using your old certificate please provide your own envelope and U.S. Postal Service stamp.

Mail the old certificate to:

El Paso County Elections Department
500 E. San Antonio Avenue, Suite #314
El Paso, Texas 79901

By Mail Without Old Certificate
Please print and review the application carefully, fill it out, sign and date. Once application is complete make sure to fold, seal and mail to:

El Paso County Elections Department
500 E. San Antonio Avenue, Suite #314
El Paso, Texas 79901

Voter Registration Application

How do I register to vote if I am a College Student?

Students are provided with two options:

  • Register to vote in the county where their college or university is located.
  • Remain registered in the county they currently reside.

It is strictly up to the student as where they want to claim their residence, which elections they want to participate in, and how they would like to vote.